Oct 27 2016

Difference between trsnsmission and refraction of light

Please tell me ,refraction is dimply bending of light ,when itvtravel from one medium yo another, I have a doubt , what exactly happens in transmission of light ,Is this refraction of light in the same medium, please explain me it in detail, thank you very much Posted Beverly Alcock

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Oct 27 2016

Activity and Half Life

If an 8000Bq source of activity has a half life of 6 days, How much activity will it have after 18 days. I know the answer is 1000Bq but could you explain how you got it very clearly? 2nd question. Calculate the half life of a source that decreases in activity from 32kBq to 8kBq …

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Oct 27 2016

Diving birds often dive straight down, Why?

Diving birds often dive straight down if they want to catch a fish. explain why? Asked Sara

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Oct 27 2016

Displacement in the last one second

a ball is thrown vertically upwards with a given velocity u such that it rises for T seconds(T>1),what is distance traveled by the ball during the last one second of ascent(in metres)? Mani Asked.

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Oct 27 2016

Question on De Broglie Wavelength

A particle moving with certain velocity has the de-broglie wavelength of 1 Angstrom. For particle B with mass 25 % and velocity 75 % of A. calculate de-broglie wavelength Asked Ravi Tiwari

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Oct 13 2016


Download the collection of questions asked in previous CBSE board exams from the chapter Wave Optics. Practising the previously asked questions is a good idea to prepare for the exams.

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Oct 13 2016

CBSE Physics Class 12 Marks Distribution

It is always better to know the chapterwise marks distribution before you start studying.

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