How to get more marks in Physics Practical Exams?

Physics Practical Examinations are on. Are you worried thinking how to score good marks in Practicals? Here are some tips.


  • Complete the Practical Records
  • Complete the Project Report
  • Complete the record of activities
  • Know the Principle, formula, diagrams of all experiments  done at school,
  • Learn the precautions and sources of error of each experiment.
  • Make a list of all possible questions which can be asked for Viva


  • Take all records and geometrical instruments and writing instruments
  • Reach early
  • Have a look at the diagrams and formula you has practiced
  • Be cool and maintain a pleasing attire


  • Read the question well
  • Write neatly giving proper headings. The questions, Aim, Apparatus Required, Principle and formula, Circuit diagram/ Ray diagram, Observations, Calculations, Precautions, Result, Sources of Error etc
  • The observation column is the most important part. Write without alterations, corrections and over writing.
  • Draw graphs and diagrams neatly as per requirement.
  • Draw the circuit diagram neatly and correctly with proper labeling.
  • Avoid exchanging things with friends and talking to friends.
  • If in case of any doubt or in need of help, call your teacher or lab assistant.
  • Maintain a pleasing attitude through out.
  • Don’t  be rude or in-disciplined.
  • Answer the questions asked by the examiner during viva in a polite and pleasing manner. Try to answer the questions logically after listening to the questions carefully.



Problem from mechanics

a smooth sphere of radius R , mass M is placed on the smooth horizontal floor . another smooth particle of mass m is placed on the sphere and horizontal force f is applied of the sphere . if the particle does not slip of the sphere the value of force f

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