A thought provoking and creative question from kinematics 

​You are arguing over a cell phone while trailing an unmarked police car by 25.0 m; both your car and the police car are traveling at 120 km/h. Your argument diverts your attention from the police car for 2.0 s (long enough for you to look at the phone and yell,“I won’t do that!”). At … Read more

2 different types of sublimation

I’m trying to get the right terms for various forms of phase change. I am familiar with the phase change / triple point diagram for ice, but I have a question. For example we have various terms for the transition of a liquid or solid to a gas, such as boiling, evaporation, vaporization, sublimation. There … Read more

Bullet shot in space, will it move forever … ?

if i fire a bullet in space it will move forever (assuming it won’t hit any celestial object and doesn’t get caught by any aliens). But will it accelerate forever and reach 0.99c or will it accelerate till it attain a certain constant velocity? Asked  Ayush Gupta Responses via Facebook Akshay Ramachandran First, there should … Read more

Work and centripetal force

From: Shashaank Khanna Subject: work done and centripetal force Message Body: My question is that throughout The Principia Newton uses the fact that for a body continuously moving in a uniform circular motion with constant velocity, the body falls a small distance towards the center of the circle. Had there been no centripetal force, the … Read more

The physics behind railway ticket booking

Posted as received via WhatsApp Do you Know why  IRCTC does not allow you to choose seats? Would you believe that the technical reason behind this is PHYSICS. Booking a seat in a train is far more different than booking a seat in a theatre. Theatre is a hall, whereas train is a moving object. … Read more

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