Sir,im not understanding how transformer works?while current is going from one station to other we keep high voltage and very less current to decrease power loss but current is proportional to voltage how can u make low current using high voltage?

Asked  Avinah Boinepalle



A transformer works on the principle of mutual induction. [mutual induction is the phenomenon of production of emf in a coil due to the change in the strength of current through a neighbouring coil]

Transformers are of two kinds – step up and step down.

A step up transformer converts low voltage (high current) ac to high voltage (low current) ac.

In the case of an ideal transformer, there is no power loss.

In that case,

input power = out power

Vin Iin = Vout Iout

[This equation shows how an increase in output voltage results in a decrease in out put current]

Long distance transmission of ac requires low  current as the heat dissipated during transmission is proportional to the square of current.

If we use a step-up transformer , it steps up the voltage and consequently steps down the current so that VI is the same.

In the case of real transformers, there are some power losses within the transformner, however, an increase in output current through mutual induction will essentially result in a decrease in output current.

Hope that the matter is clear now. In case of doubt, please post them as comments to this post.

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