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What kind of mathematics can describe the (parallel or real) future(s)?

What kind of mathematics can describe the parallel futures?

Is it statistics and evaluation of the systematical progress like trends in technology and human learning?

Let us assume a communication channel e with very similar parallel near future

Ann sees a video broadcast from the parallel future and notices that her tomorrow’s holiday trip to the moon will end up a spacevessels explosion due to that the vessels rocket fuel storage has a small leak.

Ann deciced to fix that leak and her holiday trip will go fine and she will be alive and breathing on the next day.

But why Ann didn’t see herself fixing the fuel leak in the parallel future?

The question is:
How it depends from the Ann herself that what she sees?

What kind of mathematics could describe that what the Ann sees?

Would Ann have a for example group of her very likely acts (like fixing all problems what she sees in her spacecraft) and some property like likelihood of different acts, and then also some laws of behavior like if she sees an accident, she will most likely do something to prevent it?

For example if Ann is very enthustiastic about fixing and tuning her spacevessel, she would see another future (she sees herself fixing the leak) than if she doesn’t know anything about technology (she sees an accident).


The question has overlap of Physics, relativity and metaphysics and the situation is mostly imaginative. However, it would be nice to think on…

(I cannot give an answer now. Responses from visitors and members will be appreciated)

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