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What is Lidar?

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LIDAR stands for LIght Detection And Ranging.

LIDAR measures the vehicle’s speed by sending out two laser pulses and calculating the difference in time it takes to detect the pulses of light reflected from the target, your car.

LIDAR has the distinct advantage of being able to pick out one vehicle in a cluttered stream of traffic; your vehicle cannot be mistaken for another vehicle unlike radar, which has a broader pulse. It can also be used over a large distance, which makes it even more difficult to spot. License plates are typically the strongest LIDAR target, as they are covered in a retroreflective material that returns light back its source with a bare minimum of scattering.

The LIDAR system can determine your speed very quickly, about 1,000 times per second!

For more details please visit http://www.physicscentral.com/explore/poster-speed.cfm


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