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Tips for Scoring High Marks in Class 12th Physics CBSE Exam

Among all the exams, CBSE class 12th Board Exam is the most important exam in every student’s life because it decides a student’s future career. Even most of the colleges and universities have a very strict cut-off for the shortlisting of students for various courses. A structured syllabus for each concerned subject is always essential to achieve good marks in any kind of examination.

Physics is the most important and one of the tough subjects in CBSE. Talking about physics, it requires logical solving abilities and conceptual understanding. For better knowledge about every chapter, one has to be thorough with the basics. As physics includes many difficult and complicated topics, students find this subject really difficult to understand. But these problems can be easily overcome with a structured syllabus, a good understanding about the important topics and a planned preparation strategy.

Important physics topics one should cover:

There are a number of topics in the CBSE class 12th physics syllabus but in order to score well in the physics exam students should cover all the important topics. So, let’s check out the list of important topics given below,

  • Communication Systems
  • Electrostatics
  • Electronic Devices
  • Dual nature of matter
  • Magnetism
  • Optics
  • Atoms and Nuclei

Tips for Scoring High Marks in Class 12th Physics CBSE Exam:

  1. Practice Graphs On a Regular Basis: Graphs are really helpful in learning complex concepts fast. Learning with graphs and images allows us to retain concepts in our minds for a longer period of time.
  2. Learn all Formulas Rigorously: Try to note down all the formulas present in the physics syllabus at one place. So that you can access them on the go. Formulas are very important and should be practiced well as physics includes more problematic questions compared to theoretical questions.
  3. Solve Last Year Questions: The preparation for the exam is valueless without practicing questions on your own. Students should solve as many questions as they can from various books and websites. For a strong grip on the subject, students must solve last 10 year cbse question papers rigorously. It also helps to understand the question pattern and the mark distribution for variety of questions. Sometimes short type questions (i.e. 1 mark and 2 mark questions) come directly from previous year question papers. So memorizing these 1 mark questions might help you in scoring well in short type question section.
  4. Physics is not restricted to Numerical: Students usually misunderstand that physics is more about numerical. It is true to some extent as most of the chapters cover numerical problems but students should not ignore the theoretical portion in physics. Because only 15 marks of numerical will be asked in the CBSE class 12 board exams. It is advised not to waste time in solving numerical. If you find difficulty in this section then proceed ahead and attend other sections.

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