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The practical exams are near, get ready now

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Practical exams in all CBSE schools will be conducted between 16th Jan and 15 February 2015. Planned preparation can fetch you hundred percent marks in the practical examination especially in Physics. Find below some suggestions to score very good marks in Physics practical examination.


First of all know the experiments. You should know what experiments are arranged in your school and list of experiments to be set for the examination. These things will help you in examination. Learn the theory behind each  experiment especially the sources of error. This is a commonly asked question by most of the examiners during viva. Viva is the opportunity for you to prove  yourself to show your might.  Find out maximum questions related to the experiment and the principle and formula used in each of the experints. You should have idea about the cause effect relationship involved. Have an idea about if something goes wrong how to make it right.

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