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The 4 forces of the universe

i’ve always loved science but have no formal education, and some things i just cant figure out with a google search. Electromagnetic Force is the second strongest force we have in our universe. But, its somehow different. Other forces we have are only attractive forces whereas, this is both attractive and repulsive in nature. i dont understand what the defining factor is that causes forces to attract and repel eachother. i do understand the mechanics of what forces do when reacting with each other. i understand that that two differently charged forces will attract eachother, but i dont know how or why. i know what force does but not what it is or how it exists. another confusing thing is about energy tranforming into elemental particles and thus atoms. is energy a tangible/quantifiable thing or a non physical force that drives mass into a specific place and holds it there. if you can offer any guidance in beggining a structured education or clear any of my confusion on the basics of the four forces of nature please let me know (especially gravitational force. i’m having a hard time wrapping my head around that one). im eager to learn and tired of failing to do so on my own.
i dont have money or time for a university education at this point in my life but i dont want that to stop me.
hence why im asking questions and reaching out to learn.
Thank you for reading this
i hope to hear from you soon.
Jordan Richardson

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