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A question from Maths (for Members and Visitors)

Vinolia Maserumule asks:

“Find the relationship between L(the length of the shape L-shape)and S(the number of small squares in the L-shape)P(the perimeter of the L-shape)T(the total number of match sticks). Will 600 match sticks be enough to build a L-shape with sides of 100 squares?”

Physics behind pop up toys

I received a pop-ups popper toy (a rubber toy in the shape of a a dome). I noticed that when I load the popper on my finger, it launches a farther distance than if I load it on a table top. I thought the popper used a suction technique, but then I was confused as to why the popper went farther when loaded on my finger when there was little suction between the popper and my finger. Thanks!

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Elliptical Orbits

Sreeda asks:

  1. Why do planets move in elliptical paths and not in circular ones?


Ellipse is a more general shape than a circle. Circle is a special case of ellipse when its semimajor axis and the semiminor axis are of equal lengths.

The shape of orbit depends on various factors.

Johannes Kepler in the 1600s was the first to start discussing the shape of planetary orbits, formulating a series of laws to explain their shape and characteristics. Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein contributed additional research and theories.

Shape of a planet’s orbit is affected by the gravitational force of sun as well as other planets.

Also Remember that the sun is also in motion, which makes elliptical orbit an easy one than a perfectly circular one.

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Questions from Properties of gases

Senarita asked:

we know that temperature has a properties to make some thing bigger in volume.we say that gas has no particular volume or shape.where we place a gas it takes the shape of that container.my question is- a gas of mass ‘m’ has a particular number of atoms or molecules.if the gas is not getting any temperature then how it is occupying all the volume of a bigger container.i mean how the inner space of two atoms or two molecules of that particular gas is increasing when i am transferring it to a bigger container.(say,every condition is constant.nothing is changed.)please answer me.

“can you give me some name of sites where i can get explanations on hydrostatics or the topics of physics.i am now in class 11.”

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