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Are there any ways to pass through a laser sensor without being detected?

The sensor is triggered when the LASER beam is obstructed.

If you sense the presence of Laser beam and avoid it, you can do that. If any of the many laser beams are obstructed, it will trigger the alarm.

You can also imagine replacing the LASER beams at exact positions with your own set of beams instantly when they are obstructed with your own laser of same kind frequency and intensity (which is not easily possible)


A problem from Transformation of Energy

Rosie asks:

“I can’t figure out how to solve this problem:

The total mass of a motorcycle and rider is 250kg. During braking, they are brought to rest from 16m/s in a time of 10s. What is the maximum amount of energy converted into heat by the brakes?

I don’t know whether to use WD = F x d or another set of formula?”


This question is based on conservation of energy. The heat energy liberated is equal to the change in kinetic energy. Since the bike is brought to rest, the change in KE is equal to its initial KE.

The answer assumes that the entire KE is converted into heat energy alone.
Heat =Change in KE =

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