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Projectile motion – A problem from real life situation

Three identical stones are thrown with the same initial speed from the top of a cliff into the river below. atone 1 is launched at an angle of 20 degrees above the horizontal; stone 2 at an angle 20 degrees below the horizontal; and stone 3 directly along the horizontal. just before entering the river, which stone has the greatest speed?

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Displacement and acceleration in real life


(The question was posted by Chandrima )


As you know, the displacement is the shortest distance between two points ; the initial point and the final point. The displacement is independent of the path followed by the object and this itself is the beauty of the concept of displacement. We may take different paths to reach a destination, and the length of the path may be different, but all the paths result in the same displacement.

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Conventional Current and Real Current

Manishankar Asks:

“What is the difference between conventional current and real current?”



Conventionally. the direction of current is defined as the direction of flow of positive charges. But in real case, the flowing charges are not positive (in the case of a metal); but the current carriers are electrons which are negatively charged. So, the real current is (the word current means flow) in a direction opposite to the conventional current.

So, if you are asked to find the direction of current in  a circuit, you have to find the direction which is opposite to the direction of flow of electrons.

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