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What do you mean by impedance of an antenna?

What do you mean by impedance of an antenna? (Asked Sims)

Answer: In general, impedance is defined as the total opposition to current flow in an alternating current circuit, made up of two components, ohmic resistance and reactance.

An antenna’s impedance relates the voltage to the current at the input to the antenna. ┬áThe knowledge about the impedance is crucial for obtaining maximum power transmission/reception at a given frequency.

For more details please refer to

Alternating Current circuits

John Abraham Asks:

“a circuit has a battery of emf E and internal resistance r.two inductors of inductance L1 and L2 are connected in series to the battery but parallel to each other.what is the current through each inductor in steady state?”

Answer: A pure inductor does not offer any reactance to pure dc. Therefore the only resistance in circuit is the internal resistance. But since the two inductors are in parallel, current through each of them is half the total current in circuit, = E/2r

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