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How atoms are formed? – Neeraj Asks

Neeraj asks: ”We have read that atoms can neither been created nor been destroyed!
I want to know from where atoms came in existence,if they can not been created,also atom contain electron and proton which are negatively and positively charged,i want to know from where these charge came?”


Your question will be answered soon

Explain IMPULSE in simple terms

Vimal asked this question.

Impulse is the effect of a force and is measured as the change in momentum produced.

The same effect, that is the same change in momentum can be produced by a large force acting for a short interval of time, a small force acting for a large interval of time or a moderate force acting for a moderate interval of time.

In all these cases the impulse will be the same as the change in momentum will be the same.

Where is electricity stored after it is generated but before it is supplied?

This question was posted by Chithraja. This is a common doubt arising naturally in the minds of children as well as adults who think. But they never ask, or if they ask the questions remain unanswered.

I will explain the question itself first. When we switch on a bulb we get the energy. But what happens to the electricity when we are not using it? Is it just wasted if we don’t use it?

Then, won’t it be better using as much of it when available rather than saving it by not using electrical appliances?

These are all associated questions which I have also asked several times.

Before I actually answer the question I am waiting for responses from visitors, students and teachers

A question from Relativity

Can someone tell me how to derive
M = M_0/√(1 – v^2/c^2)

Emmanuel Gonzalez posted this.

The formula for relativistic mass (i.e. the mass of a body when it is moving with speeds comparable to the velovity of light in vacuum is given by)
relativistic mass

A Question on Evaporation

Arunabh Arun sent this problem.

(Click on the image to see the enlarged version.)

Questions which donot qualify for “AskPhysics” will be posted at PhysicsHomeWork.Net

Dear students, members and visitors at AskPhysics,

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Though AskPhysics will continue to cater to the visitors and students who post questions, we have decided to transfer the typical HomeWork type questions to a new site PhysicsHomework.Net. If your question is of a normal Physics Homework Type, we will post it at www.physicshomework.net.

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