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Question Bank in Class XI Physics – Mechanical Properties of Solids

Important Points to remember:

  • Deforming forces are external force applied on a body to change its size or shape.
  • Restoring force is the internal force developed in a body trying to bring it back to the original configuration when it is acted upon by an external force trying to change its size or shape.
  • Elasticity is the property of a body by virtue of which it tries to regain its original configuration when the deforming forces are removed.
  • Perfectly elastic body is a body which regains its original configuration completely on removal of deforming forces.
  • Plasticity is the property of a body by virtue of which it does not regain its original configuration on removal of deforming forces.
  • Perfectly plastic body is a body which does not show any tendency to regain its original configuration on removal of deforming forces
  • Stress: The restoring force developed per unit area of a deformed body is called stress.
  • Tensile stress: If a deforming force is trying to produce an increase in length, then the restoring force developed per unit area of cross section is called tensile stress
  • Compressive Stress: When a deforming force acting normal to a surface tries to produce a change in volume, then the restoring force produced per unit area is called compressive stress.
  • Shearing stress: When a tangential force tries to change the shape of a body whose bottom is fixed, then the restoring force developed per unit area is called Shearing stress.
  • Strain: The ratio of the change in dimension to the original dimension of a deformed body is called strain
  • Linear or longitudinal strain


Class VIII Science Question Bank

Download a good collection of questions from Class 8 Science NCERT Textbook. The collection includes questions requiring Higher order thinking skills (HOTS

Question Bank for VIII Science

A fill up exercise for class 9 Physics from the chapter “Sound”

Dear students,

Find below some of the fill in the blanks questions  from the chapter sound. (Class 9 Science) Practisinf fill in the blanks typwe questions helps better comprehension and thorough reading of the text book. As a follow up you can try making more fill in the blanks type questions yourself from the textbook.



  1. ______ is a form of energy which produces a sensation of hearing to our ears.
  2. λ is a symbol of representing _____________.
  3. __________ is the reciprocal of frequency.
  4. Mechanical waves are of two types; _____________ and ______________.
  5. Sound waves travel in the form of ____________ and __________________.
  6. Transverse waves propagate in the form of _________ and _____________.
  7. The maximum displacement of the wave from mean position is called ______________.
  8. Number of vibrations completed in one second is called ________________.
  9. The distance between two consecutive compressions or two consecutive rarefactions is called ______________.
  10. Sound of frequency below 20 Hz is called _____________
  11. velocity of sound = ___________ x wavelenth
  12. Sound cannot travel in _____________
  13. Sound of frequency greater than 20 kHz is called ___________
  14. _______________ is used to check abnormalities of fetus.
  15. SI unit of frequency is _________.
  16. ____________ is a device used to measure the depth of sea.
  17. SONAR’s full form is __________________________________
  18. Sound travels fastest in ____ medium
  19. Loudness of sound depend on _____ of vibration.
  20. Audible range for human beings is from _ Hz to ___ Hz.
  21. Bats detect their prey using ___________– waves.
  22. Sound heard after reflection from an obstacle or boundary is called ________-.
  23. The persistence of sound after the source has stopped vibrations is called ________.
  24. ___________ is a device used by doctors and its working is based on multiple reflection of sound.
  25. Loudness of sound is determined by the ___________ of vibrations.
  26. Checking the functioning of heart with the help of ultrasound is called ________________
  27. The outer ear is also called ________
  28. Another function of human ear is to _____________ our body.
  29. _______ of ear collects sound from the surroundings.
  30. Ultrasound are produced by some animals like __________, _____________ and _____________.
  31. Electrical signals from ear are send to the brain via _____________
  32. The three bones of the ear which amplifies the vibrations are _______ , ______________ and ____________.
  33. ______________ converts sound into electrical signals.
  34. The smallest bone in ear is __________ which is also the smallest bone in human body.
  35. ____________ are regions of higher density and pressure when sound propagates through a medium.

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