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What Extra Books shall I buy to excel in Class 12 Physics?

What Extra Books shall I buy to excel in Class 12 Physics?


First of all you should possess the NCERT Text Books. This is a must for Indian Students (Especially for those doing the CBSE syllabus and those who are into Indian Civil Services Exam)

Other than that, the following books are recommended for excellence in Board Examination as well as Various Entrance Exams.

  1. Physics for JEE Advanced
  2. Principles of Physics (Hallidey)
  3. Concepts of Physics – HC Verma
  4. JEE Mains Physics in 40 Days
  5. IIT JEE Physics : 35 Years Chapterwise Solved Papers 2013 – 1979 11th Edition




JEE 2014 IS NEAR … How to do the last minute preparation?

The Engineering aspirants of India are now towards the last round of preparation JEE 2014. The paper pen phase of the 2014 edition of the JEE-Mains is scheduled for April 6 and the online examinations will be conducted on April 9, 11, 12 and 19.

The duration of the examination is three hours and will test the candidates on physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Here we will have a brief discussion on how to go for the last round of preparation in Physics. The visitors are welcomed for participating in the discussion through the comment system. Just post your questions and queries as comments to this post.

In Physics the most important topic is MECHANICS, which includes kinematics, laws of motion, work power energy, rotational motion. Electrostatics, Current electricity, magnetic effects of current, electromagnetic induction and alternating current circuits along with the entire OPTICS are to be taken seriously. If you can make a complete thorough revision during the week ahead, you can certainly score very good marks in Physics.

After that if you get time, revise Bernoulli’s principle, Surface Tension, Elasticity with special attention to Young’s modulus.

These are the portions which need to be understood and applied rather than memorizing.



Practice well, solve maximum number of problems and success will be yours. Have some doubts in Physics? Feel free to discuss them here. The questions can be posted here for discussion and hope to get a suitable answer.


Download Physics and maths Question Bank for class 9 and 10 CBSE

Please download and use these study materials to excel in SA1

Class X Physics Question Bank for SA 1

Class IX Maths Question Bank for SA 1

Class X Maths Question Bank for SA 1


Have you downloaded the question bank cum study material for Class 12 Physics?

Have you downloaded the question bank cum study material for Class 12 Physics?

The following links will help you get all the necessary materials to get more than 60% marks in Physics.

Central Board of Secondary Education

Download it from here. 

  1. http://physics.2lv.in/class-12-physics-study-materials-free-download/
  2. http://www.plustwophysics.com/class-12-physics-sample-papers/
  3. http://physics.2lv.in/must-practice-questions-for-cbse-physics-class-12-solved/
  4. http://www.plustwophysics.com/important-five-marks-questions-for-class-xii/
  5. http://www.plustwophysics.com/collection-of-cbse-class-12-previous-question-papers/
  6. http://physics.2lv.in/class-12-physics-hots-question-bank-free-downlload/
  7. http://www.plustwophysics.com/class-xii-physics-sample-paper-for-aissce-2012-2/

Investigatory Projects in Physics – FAQs

As you all know, CBSE has reintroduced investigatory projects in Physics and it will be  part of evaluation in Practical exams this year onwards. Here, we would like to answer some of the frequently asked queries. If you have any query please post them as comments to this post.

Q. Will the viva-voce contain questions related to the investigatory project?

A. Yes. The external examiners are instructed to ask questions related to investigatory projects also so as to ascertain the genuineness of the project. The marks assigned to project are mainly based on how you answer the questions related to the project.

Q. Can I do some construction of electronic gadgets as my investigatory project?

A. As the name suggests, the project must be investigatory, ie, you must investigate on some properties or phenomena. Please see the sample projects given by CBSE.

1 To study various factors on which the internal resistance/emf of a cell depends.
2. To study the variations, in current flowing, in a circuit containing a LDR, because of a variation.
(a) in the power of the incandescent lamp, used to ‘illuminate’ the LDR. (Keeping all the lamps at a fixed distance).
(b) in the distance of a incandescent lamp, (of fixed power), used to ‘illuminate’ the LDR.
3. To find the refractive indices of (a) water (b) oil (transparent) using a plane mirror, a equiconvex lens, (made from a glass of known refractive index) and an adjustable object needle.
4. To design an appropriate logic gate combinatin for a given truth table.
5. To investigate the relation between the ratio of (i) output and input voltage and
(ii) number of turns in the secondary coil and primary coil of a self designed transformer.
6. To investigate the dependence, of the angle of deviation, on the angle of incidence, using a hollow prism filled, one by one, with different transparent fluids.
7. To estimate the charge induced on each one of the two identical styro foam (or pith) balls suspended in a vertical plane by making use of Coulomb’s law.
8. To set up a common base transistor circuit and to study its input and output characteristic and to calculate its current gain.
9. To study the factor, on which the self inductance, of a coil, depends, by observing the effect of this coil, when put in series with a resistor/(bulb) in a circuit fed up by an a.c. source of adjustable frequency.
10. To construct a switch using a transistor and to draw the graph between the input and output voltage and mark the cut-off, saturation and active regions.
11. To study the earth’s magnetic field using a tangent galvanometer.


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