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We are not Psychic – It’s Physics Here!

We receive many questions daily where in questions based on dreams, love, relations etc. are asked.

Psychic CatWe thought initially that those were posted by spammers. But the emails and posts were not from spam-bots but genuine IPs and persons. On analysis, it was found that those posts were made by people who thought that the site name as “AskPsychics” and thus they asked such questions. Some even misspell Psychic as Physic.

When they don’t get their answers, they come back to the site and start looking at the answered questions to find that the site is all about Physics and that there are no Psychichs here!

Thanks to our principle that we do not allow questions to be published directly. All questions posted via the Ask a Question link reach the email inbox of the admin and editors of the site. we scrutinize the question and are posted to the site only if it is related to Physics or education.

Once again I would like to announce –

We are PHYSICS People

Not Psychics

Photon and Antiphoton

Photon soup

I heard that photon is its own antiparticle. If so, what is the different between these two photons

Asked Thatoekhant

Photon's Castle - fantastical sculpted fun!


Photons also have their antiparticles, but antiphotons are photons themselves.

The following links will help you know the matter in details.





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