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Calculate momentum

What is the momentum of a 2,000kg car traveling with a speed of 25 m/s?

Asked Ami

Momentum is the product of mass and velocity. Magnitude of momentum may be calculated by multiplying mass and speed.
So, the magnitude of momentum of the car = 2000×25=50000 kg m/s

Why is it dangerous to stand in the upper deck of a double decker bus?

A modern Ashok Leyland BEST double decker bus

Why is it dangerous to stand in the upper deck of a double decker bus?

Asked Sona

Raja Bhargab Answers:
“a body is said to be more stable when its CENTER OF GRAVITY is kept as low as possible. In a double decker bus , the c.g. of our body is obviously at higher place than the lower deck.In addition , if we stand the c.g. goes the higher , which will lead for a great imballance to be followed by a severe fall off. Moreover,when the bus moves or jerks,in lower deck,the moment of deflecting force is tolerable . But in the upper deck,it’s tremendously high”
A double-decker bus plying in the 122 route fr...

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