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Light Amplification

If you passed directional light from a device such as a laser through the back of a 2 way mirror at a 45 degree angle and then directed that beam to 3 highly reflective mirrors at 45 degree angles in series so that the beam was directed back to the exact point it emerges from the two way mirror and creates an infinate loop what would happen?  Would the beam change color since the particles would be out of sync because of the time delay?  Would the light and heat of the beam amplify itself if the reflective surfaces were reflecting more than 50% of all the light emitted and more than 50% of the original sources light were transferred through the 2 way mirror?  I included a drawing to simpilify the questions.


Asked Jeff

Are there any ways to pass through a laser sensor without being detected?

The sensor is triggered when the LASER beam is obstructed.

If you sense the presence of Laser beam and avoid it, you can do that. If any of the many laser beams are obstructed, it will trigger the alarm.

You can also imagine replacing the LASER beams at exact positions with your own set of beams instantly when they are obstructed with your own laser of same kind frequency and intensity (which is not easily possible)


what is it that makes the laser unique from other light beams?

Swathy chandran asked:

“what is it that makes the laser unique from other light beams?”


The term “laser” originated as an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

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