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Congratulations to all KVPY candidates shortlisted for interview for the Year 2011.

List of students shortlisted under Stream SA
List of students shortlisted under Stream SB
List of students shortlisted under Stream SX

 What Next?

The candidates after scrutiny of their documents will be called for interview. The interview will generally assess the candidates personality as well as the inclination towards taking up research as a career.

How to prepare for interview?

Try to be a master of what you say you have learnt; I mean, the portions of  class XI and XII. Give extra attention to the portions you like.

Choose some portions of Physics or Chemistry or Maths or Biology of which you are a fan. Collect as much details of that area including recent research in those fields. Reading the Science Research Publications such as Nature, Nature Physics, New Scientist, Physics Today and the like will help you in this. These magazines are generally available in Public libraries and British Libraries.

You should be able to explain well “Why you want to take up research?

Have more doubts? Your questions and doubts are always welcome.

Previous Question papers of KVPY

KVPY 2011 question papers (SA, SB/SX)

SA Part A (English Version)
SB/SX (English Version)

KVPY 2011 answer keys


GENIUS MEET 2010 -Eduworld

Thiruvananthapuram (14 August 2010)

Eduworld Foundation – A non profit organization aimed at nurturing scientific spirit in children organized Genius Meet 2010 for the students of Trivandrum schools who scored high in class 10 during the year 2010. About 150 students along with their parents participated.

Former chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation, G. Madhavan Nair interacted with the students.

The participants also got chance to hear and interact with Sh. B.N. Suresh, Director of the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology; Dr. E.D. Jemmis, Director of the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research; A. Sivathanu Pillai, Chief Executive Officer of BrahMos Aerospace.

Dr. Sivathanu Pillai’s address and presentation were very much appreciated by the audience. All were wonderstruck with the advancement and the high degree of precision India has achieved in the field of missile technology.

The students were taken to a visit to the Science and Technology museum and in the mean time Prof E D Jemmis interacted with the parents of the genius students and stressed on giving freedom for the students to think and choose the right career which they find themselves suitable for. He stressed on the importance of attending the exams like KVPY (Kishore Vygyanik Protsahan Yojana – A scheme introduced by the Govt of India to identify the genius and to grant them scholarship to study in Top Schools and courses like IIT, IIST,IISER etc Get the details here http://www.iisc.ernet.in/kvpy/). He stressed that there is a high need of students selecting research as a career. Pure science is also leading to great jobs with long lasting and healthy work environment than the get rich quick type jobs as in the IT field.

Dr. S.K. Satheesh of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, who won the Bhatnagar Award for 2010, was felicitated at the meet.


The Genius Meet 2010 ended with felicitation of the top scoring students and the National Anthem

The eyes of the students were sparkling with inspiration and motivation while they came out of the meet.

KVPY Interview

Nehal from Bangalore Asks:

“I got selected for the kvpy interview which is going to be held shortly. i am interested in the field of aeronautics, but this comes under the field of applied science. wat do i do?”


No Worries. Just be original and update your basics. Your aptitude towards genuine research is more important. Study the field you like in deep and present well. All the best.

KVPY Interview – How to Prepare?

First of all, hearty congratulations to all those who qualified for the KVPY (Kishore Vygyanik Protsahan Yojna) interview.

Results of the Aptitude Test held on 31st October 2010
    • List of students shortlisted under Stream SA
    • List of students shortlisted under Stream SB
    • List of students shortlisted under Stream SB/SX

Found your name in the selection list?

The next step is interview. The weightage for interview is 50%

As KVPY is installed to promote research, your research aptitude and observational skills will help you to excel in the interview. I suggest the following for preparing for the interview.

  • Revise your basics.  (Especially the basic Mathematical methods and procedures)
  • Think critically on what you’ve learnt and read.
  • Keep abreast with latest developments in science and technology. Read international science publications like Nature, New Scientist etc from University Library, British Library, Public Library etc. (KV Pattom Library also has a good collection of Indian journals – like Resonance)
  • Analyze your interest and find in which field and if possible, on which topic, you would be interested to do research. If you can decide, make an extensive background study of the topic to find what all researches have already been undertaken in the field and what are the findings and what are the scope of doing research in that area. Note down your findings and observations and if your mind permits, try writing a research paper.

Boost confidence, believe in yourself, do regular preparation, Wish you all the best.

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