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Physics Video Project

The video project was given in 2008 for XI class students of Meghalaya. The best video among them is posted here. Though there are some errors, the video is inspiring to note the work done entirely from scratch by the XI Class students.

Applications on Newtons Second Law

“A particle of mass 2m is on a plane inclined at an angle 36.86 to the horizontal. The particle is attached to one end of a light inextensible string. The string runs parallel to a line of greatest slope of the plane, passes over a smooth pulley at the top of the plane and then hangs vertically carrying a particle of mass 3m at its other end. The system is released from rest with a single taut. Find the acceleration of each particle and tension in the string when the particles are moving freely, given that the plane is smooth.”


Asked Gina

What Extra Books shall I buy to excel in Class 12 Physics?

What Extra Books shall I buy to excel in Class 12 Physics?


First of all you should possess the NCERT Text Books. This is a must for Indian Students (Especially for those doing the CBSE syllabus and those who are into Indian Civil Services Exam)

Other than that, the following books are recommended for excellence in Board Examination as well as Various Entrance Exams.

  1. Physics for JEE Advanced
  2. Principles of Physics (Hallidey)
  3. Concepts of Physics – HC Verma
  4. JEE Mains Physics in 40 Days
  5. IIT JEE Physics : 35 Years Chapterwise Solved Papers 2013 – 1979 11th Edition




JEE 2014 IS NEAR … How to do the last minute preparation?

The Engineering aspirants of India are now towards the last round of preparation JEE 2014. The paper pen phase of the 2014 edition of the JEE-Mains is scheduled for April 6 and the online examinations will be conducted on April 9, 11, 12 and 19.

The duration of the examination is three hours and will test the candidates on physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Here we will have a brief discussion on how to go for the last round of preparation in Physics. The visitors are welcomed for participating in the discussion through the comment system. Just post your questions and queries as comments to this post.

In Physics the most important topic is MECHANICS, which includes kinematics, laws of motion, work power energy, rotational motion. Electrostatics, Current electricity, magnetic effects of current, electromagnetic induction and alternating current circuits along with the entire OPTICS are to be taken seriously. If you can make a complete thorough revision during the week ahead, you can certainly score very good marks in Physics.

After that if you get time, revise Bernoulli’s principle, Surface Tension, Elasticity with special attention to Young’s modulus.

These are the portions which need to be understood and applied rather than memorizing.



Practice well, solve maximum number of problems and success will be yours. Have some doubts in Physics? Feel free to discuss them here. The questions can be posted here for discussion and hope to get a suitable answer.



CBSE Board Paper Solutions, this is one of the most popular search term among students today. The reason is evident.  CBSE Exams started.


Solving previous question papers is undoubtedly one of the easy way to get good marks with least effort, ie, without studying the entire book.




This idea is based on the fact that there are some bare esentials which cannot be avoided by any paper setter. These portions become evident by analysing the past question papers.


Rather than just trying to download the solved board papers, it would be better to identify the MUST STUDY PORTIONS with the help of an experienced teacher.


Please look for teachers who have experience in paper setting and evaluation with CBSE (or the respective Board)


They will be able to guide you on the way to write the answers better to score more marks.


Watch related links below to download solutions to CBSE Board Papers.







Here’s an online study guide to Communications, the last chapter in CBSE Physics for class XII. Hope that the guide will help you score better marks in your AISSCE 2014

Download (PDF, 938KB)

Here’s a worksheet for the chapter Communication Systems

Download (PDF, 283KB)


Who is H.C. Verma? Why everyone is after him for IIT preparation?

H.C. Verma is a common name among all those preparing for IIT, especially for Physics.

Who is H.C. Verma?

Dr. Harish Chandra Verma joined the Department of Physics, IIT Kanpur in 1994.  He obtained his doctoral degree at the Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) Kanpur,  working under the supervision of Prof.  G.N. Rao. Subsequently he worked as Lecturer and then  Reader at Patna University, India.

He is a Nuclear Experimental  physicist, whose chief interest lies in Condensed Matter and Materials Applications. Currently,  he is working on Nanocrystalline Magnetic Materials and Alloys Systems.  Dr. Verma is also interested in Earth Science problems such as meteorites and extinction boundaries. He has authored several books including Concepts of Physics at introductory college level and Quantum Physics at college level. He is presently working on a book on Electromechanics.

A Lecture by Dr. H.C. Verma

Know more about H.C. Verma





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