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A question from Gravitation.

Prince Patel Asked:

“Sun have high gravitational energy ,then why planets of solar system doesn’t colloid with sun?”


“The planets are moving around the sun and the gravitational force is used in providing the necessary centripetal force (The force required by a body to move in a circular path). As long as the planets are in motion, they will not move towards the sun. A similar explanation hold good for moon going around earth also.”

A Physics Problem from Projectile Motion and Laws of Motion

A fish launches himself from a 6 cm cannon straight up in the sir. When he leaves the cannon he is traveling at 6.5 m/s. assume constant acc while in the cannon.
~What acceleration did the cannon apply to the fish?
~How long was he in the cannon?
~Once the fish is flying upwards, what is his acceleration?
~once he left the cannon, how high did he travel in the air?

The fish can hold his breath for 1.2 s out of water. Assuming that while in the cannon the fish is underwater  and once launched he is immediately in the air
~How long until he splashes back down into the water?
~What was the fish’s velocity  when he splashed back into the water?


Time Stops ?!!

Davide Asks again:

“i have one question about time. Once professor Stephen Hawking said that if hypothetically a man stand in font of a black hole the time will stop for him.Now we all know how time works because we understated time we have study it but dose our body understand it?what i mean is if time will stop for me will my body stop as well is natural course?(getting hold,cellular production etc)i don’t think so right?so what the connection between time and body if exist one?and why scientist always speak about time stopping  only and not    include in the argument human body as well?after all according to Einstein the past,present,future are already there,we only walk through it and since we are  interacting with it as  a living been   time, space and us  are lock together .So standing in front of a black hole, if time stops without effecting my body ,time stop in relation to what?  Thank you kindly for your TIME:)”

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