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Displacement – A Numerical Problem

A fly is sitting in the middle of a wall of a cubic room of side ’a’.If it flies and sit to one of opposite corner of the wall. Find its displacement?

(Harmeet Singh asked)
If the fly sit on the same wall on the horizontal, (from A to B in the diagram) the displacement is “a
If the fly sits on the diagonally opposite corner on the same wall, (from A to C in the diagram) the displacement is “√2 a
If the fly sits on the corner on the longest diagonal of the room,  (from A to H in the diagram) the displacement is “√3 a

Question from Beats (Waves)

Sanjeet asked:

"the displacement of a particle in periodic motion is given by "y=(cos2t-2cost+2sin^2t+1). What is the no. of beats that can be heard in 10 seconds?"

Displacement and acceleration in real life


(The question was posted by Chandrima )


As you know, the displacement is the shortest distance between two points ; the initial point and the final point. The displacement is independent of the path followed by the object and this itself is the beauty of the concept of displacement. We may take different paths to reach a destination, and the length of the path may be different, but all the paths result in the same displacement.

(We can discuss it more, visitors please add your comments)

Vector Addition Problem – A Spy Report

A spy report about a suspended car reads as follows.”the car moved 2.00 km towards east,made a perpendicular left turn, ran for 500 m, made a perpendicular left turn, ran for 4.00 km and stopped”. Find the displacement of the car.

Answer: 2061.5 m




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