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Cable transmission of signals

HS Varun asked:

How is it possible to transmit a no. of channels through the same cable ?
Is it based on the concept of Bandwidth ?


In a cable TV system, each channel is assigned a range of frequency (6-8MHz range)

Our sound varies while communicating through a telephone. Why?

Sreeda Asked:

“Our sound varies while communicating through a telephone. Why?”


In telephonic communication (as also in any other form of communication), the sound/voice is converted into electrical signals which are then modulated for transmission to distant locations. The receiver reconstructs the original message through a reverse process. During these stages, the quality of the sound can be changed. All the wave forms may not exactly be present in the reproduced voice and hence the sound seems different.

Better faithful reproduction can be achieved by various techniques

Physics and Mobile Phones

Sajin John asked:

“Where is physics in mobile other than circuits?”


A mobile phone uses Physics throughout its functioning as well as the communication techniques involved.”

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