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Can light do some mechanical work?

“We know that sound can cause some mechanical work(eg:when we keep our hand in front of a large speaker,we feel something hitting the back of our hand), but why this doesn’t happen with light??” -Manishankar asks.

Mystery Mystery Mystery

Pooja asked

Any theory on what is the cause of the ‘taos hum’?It is a low-pitched sound heard in many parts of the world.until now the scientists haven’t been able to unravel the mystery.
  Also another mystery that has been nagging me is the unexplained lighting of the ‘magarajyothi’ at Sabarimala.How does that happen at the same time,same day for the past decades?


(Expect a response soon – Not the ANSWER)


How does surface tension act? What is basic cause?
Answer: Surface tension is the property of a liquid by virtue of which its free surface behaves like a stretched elastic membrane.
When a blade is carefully kept on a liquid surface, it floats; but it sinks if it is dropped carelessly.


Heating up of water due to shaking

Would shaking a bottle of chilled water, cause it to warm up, even slightly, due to some kind of friction?


Shaking BottleYes, This is due to friction (Viscous forces). The different layers of water resist relative motion and the work done in producing motion against the viscous force appears  as heat.

Why does magnet attract only some of the materials like iron why not plastic ? What is the absolute reason behind it?

Why does magnet attract only some of the materials like iron why not plastic ? What is the absolute reason behind it? (Ankit Gururani posted in facebook)


The answer cannot be limited to a quick reply.

The cause of magnetism is revolution of electrons. A revolving electron acts like a tiny magnet just like a current carrying coil does. If the magnetic moments of all the electrons nullify the effect of each other, it is non magnetic else it is a magnetic substance.

A magnetic substance consists of atoms or molecules having a net magnetic dipole moment. When an external magnetic field is applied or another magnet is brought near, the magnetic dipole moments get aligned and this results in the attraction of the magnetic substance by the magnet.

When the magnetic substance have their dipole moments aligned, it is said to be magnetised.

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