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Question from image formation by a plane mirror

if a ball is located 4 meters in front of a mirror, what distance separates the object from the image? please Use your diagram to aid your answer.

Asked Sumena

Resistance In Circuit

Please solve this problem. And please keep in mind that i have just passed 10th standard guyz.


Asked Govind

Coulomb’s law

at each of the four corners of a sqare of side A, a charge +q is placed freely. what charge should be placed at the centre of the sqare so that whole  system be in equilibrium


Asked Shashank


Divyang Bhavani accepts the challenge and takes Board Exam – An inspiration to all

A lesson to learn from Divyang Bhavani

Most students consider Board Examination as a burden. The examination stress turns suicidal at times.

The will power shown by Divyang Bhavani is a lesson for the students. Divyang Bhavani Prasad has no shortage of passion and courage but she has no hands.

divyang bhavani

She is giving Class XII Board Examination now. Her dream is to become the collector of Jabalpur. She is learning Maths & Science group from APN School Sadar. Her mother Rani Yadav is fully confident on the abilities of Bhavani and proud of her and she takes daughter to the examination centre and back.

Bhavani was born without arms. But the parents decided to accept the challenge and trained her in all respects. She was trained to write and do all routine work using her legs instead of arms. Though the parents were not educated much – mother 8th pass and Father 10th pass, they dream of educating Bhavani to the maximum and they want to get her dream fulfilled.

Life is a challenge !

It was a challenge to get the child admitted to school and to educate her, but as things started succeeeding, the path became clearer., there were people who said, “you won’t be able to do this”. Now she operates computer and mobile phone easily with her legs.

Let’s wish her well !

Along with Class XII exam she is also appearing for IIT JEE. Let’s wish that all her dreams come true. Let’s take inspiration from her. We are here with all organs perfect and not utilising them properly to bring out our abilities and achieve maximum. Let’s pledge to work hard and propsper ourselves and helping the country to prosper.

How to get more marks in Physics Practical Exams?

Physics Practical Examinations are on. Are you worried thinking how to score good marks in Practicals? Here are some tips.


  • Complete the Practical Records
  • Complete the Project Report
  • Complete the record of activities
  • Know the Principle, formula, diagrams of all experiments  done at school,
  • Learn the precautions and sources of error of each experiment.
  • Make a list of all possible questions which can be asked for Viva


  • Take all records and geometrical instruments and writing instruments
  • Reach early
  • Have a look at the diagrams and formula you has practiced
  • Be cool and maintain a pleasing attire


  • Read the question well
  • Write neatly giving proper headings. The questions, Aim, Apparatus Required, Principle and formula, Circuit diagram/ Ray diagram, Observations, Calculations, Precautions, Result, Sources of Error etc
  • The observation column is the most important part. Write without alterations, corrections and over writing.
  • Draw graphs and diagrams neatly as per requirement.
  • Draw the circuit diagram neatly and correctly with proper labeling.
  • Avoid exchanging things with friends and talking to friends.
  • If in case of any doubt or in need of help, call your teacher or lab assistant.
  • Maintain a pleasing attitude through out.
  • Don’t  be rude or in-disciplined.
  • Answer the questions asked by the examiner during viva in a polite and pleasing manner. Try to answer the questions logically after listening to the questions carefully.


Are we creating a universe when we explode a nuclear bomb?

The big bang theory claims an explosion formed the universe.  Therefore we are living inside of an explosion.  However an explosion as we experience it is almost an instantaneous thing. To an observer outside the universe it would be over rather quickly.  Yet we perceive it as billions of years.

Are we creating a universe when we explode a nuclear bomb?

Answer: We are not creating universe by bomb explosion – but destructing it.

Explosion (Photo credit: gynti_46)

The big Bang is referred to as an explosion  because of the fast expansion it caused.

English: Shows slices of expansion of universe...
English: Shows slices of expansion of universe without an initial singularity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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