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Waves in a bucket!

Arvind MR asks:

“if a drop of water is dropped in a bucket we can notice that a wave is created and it moves away as a ring……but i see that it rebounds back and come to a point again but not the starting position ……so the number no times this happens depend upon the height we drop the water droplet…..my question is why the wave rebounds after touching the ends of the bucket?”


See the animations here and try explaining yourselves

Watch an interactive animation on reflection of waves here.


Can a human body made transparent?

Arvind asks:

“can a human body made transparent?”


Human body is transparent to radiations of higher frequencies like X rays and gamma rays.

Flies in a car

Arvind MR Asks:

“while travelling, i have noticed some flies buzzing in front of me even if the car is going at a high speed…..

if the fly is stationary and moving freely the it can only do by running in the speed of the car. Howz that possible?


Any fly inside the car will have the same velocity as the car. Just imagine you are running and tossing a ball. You can see that the tossed ball returns to your hand though you were running.

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