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JEE 2013 emerges in its final form

The Joint Advanced Board (JAB) has announced that the Advanced JEE, scheduled to be conducted on June 2, 2013, will not be subjective and will retain IIT JEE 2012 format. The test will be conducted in two sessions on the same day – each with objective-type multiple choice questions (MCQs). The difficulty level and marks allotted to Advanced JEE exam will also be similar to previous JEEs.

IIT aspirants get another chance at Boards
HRD ministry has allowed IIT aspirants a chance to appear for board exams again next year and improve their board marks. Hence, these students will get a chance to appear for JEE once again. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the state boards would make special arrangements to implement the decision.

Only 10% IITians are girls
Analyzing patterns of the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) results 2012, the Joint Admission Board found that out of all the students admitted to 15 IITs, only 10% were girls. In other engineering institutes, including prestigious ones, the gender ratio is more balanced as 30-40 per cent girls got accepted.


Congratulations to all KVPY candidates shortlisted for interview for the Year 2011.

List of students shortlisted under Stream SA
List of students shortlisted under Stream SB
List of students shortlisted under Stream SX

 What Next?

The candidates after scrutiny of their documents will be called for interview. The interview will generally assess the candidates personality as well as the inclination towards taking up research as a career.

How to prepare for interview?

Try to be a master of what you say you have learnt; I mean, the portions of  class XI and XII. Give extra attention to the portions you like.

Choose some portions of Physics or Chemistry or Maths or Biology of which you are a fan. Collect as much details of that area including recent research in those fields. Reading the Science Research Publications such as Nature, Nature Physics, New Scientist, Physics Today and the like will help you in this. These magazines are generally available in Public libraries and British Libraries.

You should be able to explain well “Why you want to take up research?

Have more doubts? Your questions and doubts are always welcome.

Previous Question papers of KVPY

KVPY 2011 question papers (SA, SB/SX)

SA Part A (English Version)
SB/SX (English Version)

KVPY 2011 answer keys


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