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Superman, Time Travel, Relativity and confusion!

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In the original Superman movie, Superman flies around the world opposite its rotation at a speed faster than light (or close o it) and witnesses time running backwards. But at such speed, time would slow down for Superman, but not stop, and certainly not move backwards, would it? Instead of seeing people and events moving backwards and undoing themselves, wouldn’t everything on Earth appear to simply stop moving to Superman?

(Cybele Cotter asked)

It was a common belief among the fans of relativity that – ” if any object travelled with the speed of light, then time would stop for him and if he traveled faster, he would go back in time.”

But, there is some tweaks required somewhere which we strongly expect to take place in the near future which would remove the absurdity in theory and practice.

Superman” is fiction and was considered a person who can go back in time. This was not based on relativity. But, based on the results of relativity, we tried to believe that such a thing is possible if we could travel that fast.

When Superman goes back in time, He going to that past and correcting some mistakes happened in the past. Such a thing is practically impossible with the present technologies  and techniques.

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