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Stringtheory or M theory

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Ruben Myrhagen asks”I’ve watched some documentaries about this theory.. from what i could understand ( wich may be little) those tiny strings determine the form of the atom ( i mean if its gas-water or anything) would it be possible to manipulate these vibrating strings to create whatever we want ? like water. gas or energy ? could that be possible ?
i mean they must vibrate at a different rate. not all can be the same could they ? anyways sorry for the stupid question”


  1. M- THEORY
    — James Ph. Kotsybar

    Physicists are theorists so extreme
    that they can get lost in speculation
    and even lose track, or so it would seem,
    of designated abbreviation.

    They’ll say string theory has many parts
    that are likely aspects of just one thing
    they like to call “M,” but, with all their smarts,
    when asked what it means, they start stammering.

    “What does M stand for?” — a simple query
    that receives an obfuscating reply:
    “Membrane, Mother or Master Theory.”
    They really don’t know, and they don’ know why
    nor grasp that they’ve lost their unified voice,
    thus need to respond with multiple-choice.

    — James Ph. Kotsybar

    Physicists foresee a utopia
    (once they squint through micro-myopia)
    where all of the forces of nature should
    become unified and be understood.
    Even in science, letting go is hard,
    and notions are the hardest to divorce,
    but, to reach there, they’ll have to discard
    their classical point-particles of force.

    While Newton works large-scale,
    his physics fail,
    and even Einstein’s theories can’t subsist,
    when applied to the sub-atomic scale.
    The answers they produce just can’t exist.

    Particle physics, in quantum foam, sank,
    when its researchers walked the length of Planck.

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