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String Theory and Einstein

S.A. JEFFREY asks: “My clock converts a circular earth orbit into an eliptical one.
And the result is six minutes difference from sidereal time per year.
Approx we take this figure to 10,000 digits of pi accuracy as the formula uses Pi.
A cicular orbit can be in as many as 11 dimensions but these are unstable when an orbit is converted to an elipse it becomes stable in three dimensions plus one of time.
Thus you can reverse the equation to convert Einsteins 4D space time to 11 dimensions.
So you can convert String theory to Einsteins thoery and EInsteins theory back into string theory.
Some scientists believe Einsteins thoery cannot be expressed in 10 dimensions.
Others believe EInsteins thoery can be expressed in as many dimensions as you want to use……………….

What do you believe can my thoery work to unify Einsteins thoery and string theory.
And is my clock time more accurate or just an error of six minutes per year rather than a more accurate measurement of time……………………..…………….

Please help me with this problem.

I am not answering the question myself what I have provided is background to the problem.

The central question is whether Einsteins 4D space/time can be converted to ten dimensions or not.”

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