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spontaneous bursting glass

Can you explain this?
We had a phenomenon happen recently(Tuesday the March 15th) about 8:30 PM that is inexplicable to us, but there must be some explanation. My wife & I were in separate rooms when we both heard an extremely loud noise from the living room! The noise sounded like a large glass that just hit a hard tile floor, but loudness was magnified.As it turned out we came into the living room to find a glass platter that we had sitting on the coffee table for about a year just shattered. –It broke completely by itself as there was no one in the room.
Do you know how this may have shattered/blew apart all by itself?We used the platter to put 3 little oil lamps on.
Inside our house the next morning at 6 AM we heard thunder outside so thought it might have had something to do with the barometric pressure.Very low barometric pressure & the type of glass it was made up combined just right to explode it like that? The temperature was a constant 68 degrees as it was for the months that was on the table.
If you have any idea about this, we would appreciate it.Thank you,
*I took some photos of the shattered platter. –will send them if you wish.


David H

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