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I have been considering space-time and would like somebody smart to let me know if this is really dumb or not. I don’t know anything about Physics,
so I may be breaking a dozen rules with the thought, but I just have to put this out there.
1. Is there a ‘Frame Rate’ of the universe? (How many frames per second?)
2. Is the time between frames constant (ie. 1 light second between 1 frame to it’s next frame.)
3. (Simplified numbers here, I am a simpleton) Assuming a Constant time rate of 1 light minute between time frames…
If, in flat, space-time moveing truly zero miles per hour, there are 1 frames per minute, then it takes
10 frames to progress 10 minutes through time and the constant will always be 1 light minute. (Constant remains the
same under all circumstances)
When you move nearer to an immense object (A Black Hole), lets say 100 light miles away,
the number of frames doubles from 10 to 20 to span the same 10 minute time span, BUT the constant time between frames must stay the same.
So, from the original oberservers point of view, the participant is moveing more slowly through time (2 times longer to span the 10 minute.).
Move the scenerio half again closer to the Black Holes Singularity and the frames double again (20 frames to 40 frames).
So, again from the original observers point of view, the participant is moving even more slowly through time.
The time frame will continue to grow exponentially each time you move the participant closer to the singularity
This would mean that the participant would never be able to reach the singularity and, to the original observer, the participant would
seemingly become frozen in time.
This idea would allow for information falling into a black hole to not be destroyed, but rather simply beyond our ability to reach it.

The above idea works the same with speed. The faster you travel through space, the more frames between time spans you have. Thus
again, never allowing you to reach C (lightspeed).

Please let me know just how far away from reality my thought is.
Thank you for you time,
John Thatcher

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