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Sharing an interesting mail received – Mind and Physics

I meditate regularly. Stay with me, it gets interesting.
Recently I had an experience I need help understanding.
I created, in my imagination, a tree representing my spiritual body.
My roots(below my feet) descend into the Earth.
My trunk is my physical body.
My branches extend into the cosmos.
That’s the image I started with and have been practicing/refining for about a year now.
I started “*hearing,” if you can call it that, instructions on how to use the tree metaphor I created.
I heard, “Use your branches to tune-in (like a radio antenna) Gamma frequency waves.”
I heard, “Use your roots to tune-in Theta frequency waves.”
I heard, “Send both to the center of your heart”
(removing some energetic mechanics for brevity)
I heard, “Point them at each other using ^^ energy mechanics, in the center of your heart.”

This may sound out of the Physics arena and firmly in the Meta-Physical arena, I understand, please continue.

My question is thus;
Can Gamma waves interact with Theta waves creating an offset or diffusion of frequency wave patterns resulting in a 3rd Frequency wave pattern?

I was shown/told/insta-learned that this creates an Omega wave displacement field where more metaphysical stuff can then occur within.

*I don’t really “hear” anything. I use that term because it is easier to convey meaning. It is actually more like a hologram of dense information packets that I have called insta-learn. I instantly know things and can manipulate the “image” to “see” the information transference in more detail, just like a 2D hologram plays out its parallax as you move it side to side.

My limited experience using this method is that after I create the displacement field I can breathe into this new non-local space, I can feel it as well. It feels a lot like when you quickly drop on a roller coaster, weightless, for the lack of a better word.

Thank you so much for reading.
If this is not your bag please consider passing it along to someone who fancies themselves a Neuro-naut AND Physicist.

All The Best,


Posted by Gerald

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