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Questions which donot qualify for “AskPhysics” will be posted at PhysicsHomeWork.Net

Dear students, members and visitors at AskPhysics,

We are getting a large number of questions which are mainly the questions which the students get from Schools or coaching institutions. But Ask Physics was started and standing for questions which are different from the normal type. The questions which arised as a matter of curiosity, an extension of thought on an experience or observation etc.

Though AskPhysics will continue to cater to the visitors and students who post questions, we have decided to transfer the typical HomeWork type questions to a new site PhysicsHomework.Net. If your question is of a normal Physics Homework Type, we will post it at www.physicshomework.net.

You can also visit, join the site, make friends and post your HomeWork questions to get the answers to them.

The seemingly foolish but thought provoking and interesting questions will continue to appear on AskPhysics

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