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Questions and doubts on Higgs Boson continues

If the universe is made up of single particle then why all the planets are different from each other. And why Earth got everything and none of the other planet can’t got that things.????? please do reply….

Asks Manish kumar

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  1. Well that’s a good question, it seem quite weird that if there’s a limited number of ingredients in the entire universe, then how come it is so vast and different? Well, that’s the beauty of nature.

    First of all yeah there are quarks, leptons, bosons… when quarks and bosons interact they form baryons and mesons… baryons are a very familiar, those are protons and neutrons, and leptons are also familiar; you call them electrons (actually there are a lot of leptons but not really important here). Thsee are the ingredients of the universe.

    Now imagine you some meat, water, and vegetables and ask a cook how many different delicious plates can he make? Well he will tell you that all depends on the situation, the quantities of each ingredient, the equipment he will have at his disposal, and so on. This is a very lemon metaphor to the situation in nature, but I think the point is clear, it all depends to how these particles aggregate, the interactions between the aggregates and the basic forces of nature. If you want I can explain all this to a greater level of detail by some IM conversation, but I would better recommend you to read this brief outline of the story http://nineplanets.org/origin.html

    Great question, I don’t know your background that’s why I didn’t venture to develop the topic, but believe me if you do your research on the topic and a little imagination you’ll be mesmerized.

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