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question from calorimetry

​I just did an experiment and now we need to find out the mass of ice we used.

Initial temperature is 55 degrees
Final temperature is 35 degrees
we were given 3 information which was the Heat capacity of a calorimeter = 80JC^-1
Specific heat capacity of water = 4.2×10^3Jkg^-1
Specific latent heat of ice which was 3.4×10^5Jkg^-1

I dont know how to work it out can you help meAsked Thilaksan

You have to apply the principle of calorimetry

Heat lost =Heat lost

Heat liberated by cooling water & calorimeter  from 55 to 35 = Heat gained by ice to melt + heat gained by water(produced by the melting of ice) from 0 to 35

Note you may make a try. Further assistance can be provided if required

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