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At what time and where will the plane be when this shock is heard

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A supersonic jet traveling at Mach 2.00 at an altitude of h = 21,000 m is directly over a person at time t = 0 as shown in the figure below. Assume the average speed of sound in air is 335 m/s over the path of the sound.

(a) At what time will the person encounter the shock wave due to the sound emitted at t = 0?
 Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect. 
Reexamine the geometry shown in the diagram to see how to determine time between when the plane passes directly overhead and when the shock wave reaches the observer. s

(b) Where will the plane be when this shock wave is heard? (Give the plane's horizontal displacement x.)
 Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect. 
You appear to have used your answer to part (a) to calculate your answer to this part of the problem, but because your answer to part (a) was incorrect, your answer to this part is also incorrect. km
asked Dec 15, 2017 in Physics by shahemaabdelhady (400 points)

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