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would the size of the atmosphere be a factor in temp.&weather activity as well as energy input?

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the depth of the atmos. has reduced. the explanations of why rings with uncertanity.  first: does reduced size of the thermodynamic (vessel)/atmos. in our (system)solar/universe have a role in  weather severity? second: does storing eons of created atmos. in bottles,tanks[refrigated-liquid],tires and dozens of other ways we compress atmos.ex:-{fans} cause the reduction of vessel size?---------third:in physics do we not have to consider the heat we put in a system as well as the size of a vessel in the system? fourth: does the use and remixing of elements from use back to Free atmos. create instability(weather)as it tries to balance E to MC2? {?'s on a relative scale/parallel.}
asked Aug 19, 2015 in Relativity by tim-r (160 points)

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