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zener and pn junction is not showing steady reading in practical.pls help

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219 views asked Dec 14, 2014 in Electronics by ajaykrishna (150 points)

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You may not get a steady deflection if the joints (connections) are not proper. Check all connections. There shoulg not be any loose contact at all. This is a very sensitive experiment and must take all precautions as detailed in your text book.
answered Dec 14, 2014 by admin (4,920 points)
selected Dec 14, 2014 by ajaykrishna
thanks a lot sir..but i checked it many times. whether u have an accurate circuit diagram of that? any way hats off u sir for instant reply.am holding on..thnx
Are you doing the experiment in ready made apparatus or a manually assembled circuit?
manually made apparatus sir.
thanks sir. i got the circuit diagram. it will be helpful. i will check the connections again. and will respond soon.thnx again.

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