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is it possible in the early univers time did not manifest untill after or asa result of ending the expanshon event?

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Has anyone looked at time creation instead of space time rapid expansion?  in the early universe after all if there was no time until a certain point, all the expansion previous to times emergence would look like it was infinitesimally small time? From our perspective, it would look like space time expanded at a hi rate of expansion but I wonder if time is a result of the expansion coming into being after the bang instead of a cause or immediate result.  This could put a constant expansion rate instead of a variable one. If no one else has done it what would that change in the equations.



To me this would better explain why the quantum world seems so out of faze with the larger visible universe. If atoms have to be there before a proper time field can be established there could be a constant expansion plus it would explain the probity action of electrons. i think that copvers wa
asked Dec 13, 2014 in Physics by jimsjewlery (140 points)

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