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Low frequency to 50hz electricity

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Sir I have PMG alternator 1500rpm, it requires 567 Nm torque to provide electricity at 50hz ac at 1500rpm .sir I want same electricity at 10hz low volt means at low rpm.. And after this I m converting 10hz to 50hz via frequency converter and Step up transformer....
so now I want to know what is rated torque for pmg alternator to produce same electricity at 10hz ...and what happen to torque? When I convert 10hz to 50hz via frequency converter and step up transformer to produce same 50hz ac . Is rated torque require more than 567N or less than this and what is rpm and exact torque require at 10hz ..reply me as soon as possible
asked Dec 6, 2014 in Electricity & Magnetism by vinu (300 points)

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