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what is the mass flow rate in (kg/s) of water from the vessel?

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the capacity of a vessel is 5700mcube the vessel is filled with water.suppose that it takes 12 hours to drain the vessel what is the mass flow rate in kg/s of water from the vessel?the density of water is 1g/cmcube?
asked Oct 23, 2014 in Mechanics by chirag (160 points)

1 Answer

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I assume container is filled full. Then volume of water flowing per second = (5700 m^3) / (12 x 60s)
=7.92 m^3 per s
And given density of water is 1g per cm^3 i.e. 1000kg per m^3.
Hence mass flowing per second is = (1000 kg m^-3) x (7.92 m^3 /s)
=7920 kg /s
answered Sep 12, 2017 by giginailo (2,580 points)