VSA ElectroStatics

Very Short Answer Type Questions (Electrostatics) (1 marl each)

  1. What is electrostatics?
  2. Calculate the number of electrons in one gram of it.
  3. Calculate the number of electrons in excess in a body of negative charge 1nC.
  4. Explain the principle of conservation of charge.
  5. Explain the principle of quantization of charge.
  6. Define unit charge.
  7. Explain the additivity of charge.
  8. What is the cause of charging a body when rubbed?
  9. Why vehicles carrying inflammable materials are connected to earth using metal chains while filling or unloading?
  10. Why the special tyres of aircrafts are made conducting?
  11. State Coulomb’s law.
  12. Express Coulomb’s law in vector form.
  13. State the principle of superposition of charge.
  14. Quarks are said to possess fractional electronic charges. Does this violate the principle of qunatization of charge?

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