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Very Short Answer Questions (1 mark) from Current Electricity

  1. Define electric current.
  2. Define drift velocity.
  3. Define relaxation time
  4. Define mean free path of electron in a conductor.
  5. State Ohm’s law.
  6. Write the mathematical form of Ohm’s law.
  7. Define resistance.
  8. Define resistivity or specific resistance.
  9. Define conductance
  10. Define mobility.
  11. Write the microscopic form of ohm’s law.
  12. What is a resistor
  13. Define temperature coefficient of resistance.
  14. State the law of series combination of resistors.
  15. State the law of parallel combination of resistors
  16. Calculate the ratio of effective resistance of the combination of 3 identical resistors in series combination to that in parallel combination.
  17. Why house hold appliances are connected in parallel?
  18. What are ohmic conductors?
  19. What are non ohmic conductors? Give example
  20. Draw the VI graph for an ohmic and a non ohmic conductor.
  21. Why metals are good conductors of electricity?
  22. How does the resistance and resistivity of a metallic conductor vary with temperature?
  23. Write the color code of a carbon resistor of resistance 23 kilo ohm
  24. A carbon resistor is coded with Blue, Green, Red and Gold colored rings. What is its resistance with tolerance?
  25. What do you mean by tolerance in color coding of resistance?

(To be continued)

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