The indigenous Cryogenic Engine of India

The cryogenic engine used in indian rocket gslv is also called as?

Asked Shaaru

Answer: CE 7.5 was the first successful engine and CE-20 is the Cryogenic Engine developed by the Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre, a subsidiary unit of ISRO developed to power the upper stage of the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle MK III  also referred to as the Launch Vehicle Mark 3 (LVM3).  It is the first Indian cryogenic engine to feature a gas-generator cycle   References ISRO website    

Siphons and fluid dynamics

Working on a science fair project with my 3rd grader we got an unexpected result I am at a loss to explain.  We made a mock up toilet with two different drain pipes / siphons.  When we use the 3/4″ pipe we get a slow drainage that stops when the water in the bowl goes down to about the level of the crest of the siphon.  When we use the 1 1/2″ drain pipe we get a very strong flow and the water level drops all the way down until air can enter the siphon, so the water level drops way below the top of the siphon, down to the intake opening.  I understand that more water travels though the larger pipe, hence the faster flow rate, but I can’t explain the difference in the ending water level in the bowl.  What forces are at work here?  How can we further test or prove these principals?


Asked Dan

Why do we take differential element “dx” from the origin at a distance “x” only?

Why do we take differential element “dx” from the origin at a distance “x” only.(the variable “x” and x in “dx” are same.why?)


Asked Suraj

What s the initial Horizontal Velocity of the Bomb?

An aircraft is flying along a horizontal path with a velocity 30 m per second at 625m above the ground level. A bomb is released at rest with respect to the plane. At the same time, a cannon yard which is on the ground right below the aircraft ,fires a bullet at angle of 45 degrees to the horizontal as it strikes the bomb. What is the initial horizonatal component of velocity of the bomb?


Asked Nishali

Theory of Collapsing Reality – Andy

From: Andy Akka
Subject: Theory of Collapsing Reality

Message Body:
Andy Akka’s theory of collapsing reality.

(just a potential perspective I feel should be debated. If you are a physicist or mathematician feel free to prove or disprove any of this perspective?)

“Every possibility that could exist, does exist until it can no longer exist.

Reality is generated by the collapse of parallels creating the present.

Dark Matter I believe should be renamed potential matter. Potential Matter brakes down to form matter as entropy collectively decides what the next step in time for that matter is to be. All other potential outcomes other than from that present universal outcome are destroyed.

Scientists will struggle to find Dark Matter as it is Layered on top of what we perceive as existing matter.

Everything in the universe collectively decides which universes are collapsed.

Every single parallel reality that exists right now are exactly the same and always have been.

The only difference between the realities that exist which are left is their potential futures from this point onwards.

I believe life is a program designed to create chance to help predetermine its outcome

Life exists in the wake of entropy

In doing so life has empowered it’s actuation by helping itself to predetermined outcomes based on circumstances, tapping into a collective universal choice.

To some degree we have a collective freedom of choice based on circumstance to collectively shape the future.

I believe all realities funnel down to a single point in which probabilities of the universe that cease to exist collapse to generate matter in the present.

This can be seen at the subatomic level where particles can have the appearance of being in more than one place at the same time, where what you actually would be looking at is the collapse of particles of that matter which have decayed into the present to create a universally ever increasing matter and inflation throughout the universe.

Newtons second law and the Second law of thermodynamics are the fundamental driving force of time and space, position and outcome of our freedom of choice based on experience.

Life across the universe is collectively in the driving seat of time, choosing which realities shall no longer be possible, leaving only the potential universes left.

Blackholes are points in space that have reached their final outcome relative to the arrow of time.

All points where there are black holes are actually the same point because all  black holes lead to one point of singularity where everything is infinite.

Gravity and quantum mechanics both can exist in this way and could be the driving force of quantum gravity.

Although there may be other types of universes, I do not believe there are other variations of ourselves at present. Only in the future are there variations of ourselves and everything else that can happen until they are no longer possible.

There are no other realities that exist that are not at present exactly the same.

All other realities have now been destroyed to create this moment.

The only realities that remain are the ones that can only happen from this point onwards after experiencing the past.

Collectively we choose to decide which realities will remain.

Everything that is possible from this point onwards does happen until it cannot.

I only need to be right in one of these potential universes.

If so, that version of me could emanate this thought beyond the known universes to acknowledge existence and intention to communicate to each other and others.

And here is how:
If all universes right now where we exist are exactly like the present.

At the point at which this was written all other versions of reality were collapsed to collectively create this moment.

The amount of collapse of universes is the difference in eccentricity between two funnels one inside the other (2 conical hyperbola)
I believe this theory could account for universes Inflation, utilising String Theory Positioning, Newtons second law and the Second law of thermodynamics.

So now, every version of you left in existence has now read this.”

What are your thoughts on this?
is it potential psychobabble or mathematically possible?

If you know someone who could answer this please pass it on to them. Thanks 🙂

Silicon melting by Czochralski Process

Why is silicon not melting?
I’m using a zvs inductive heater to try to melt some 99.85% polycrystalline silicon, as would occur in the Czochralski process,  but the silicon workpiece is not melting let alone even getting hot. The silicon workpiece is about the size of a playing dice, and becomes fully conductive after preheating to about 100* C. Even after preheating the workpiece while in the coil to achieve adequate conductivity, the inductive heater still doesn’t “take over” to raise the temperature. The inductive heater works fine with other conductive materials such as iron and aluminum and heats them quite effectively. A Czochralski process patent I came across claims that the silicon must be preheated to at least 1000* C, but many other Czochralski process
diagrams and research papers make no mention of any necessary preheating.

Asked Patrick Underwood

Relative motion in 1 dimension

A train is approaching a platform with a speed of 20 km/hr. A bird is sitting on a pole at the platform. When train is 2 km away from the pole brakes are applied so that the train accelerates uniformly, simultaneously the bird also flies towards the train with a velocity 60 km/hr. It touches the nearest point on the train and flies back and back again and so on. find total distance travelled by the bird before train stop.
Can you solve this problem by relative motion concept?

Asked Sandeep Mishra

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