moving through parallel universes

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could it be theoretically possible for a person to die in a certain universe and wake up in a similar universe like a shift leaving that person being the only person aware of this change, also could everyone be one and the same person like one consciousness experiencing itself in many different ways at the same time

Asked Paul Appleby

black holes

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A photon does not experience time since it moves at the speed of light. time stops for it . however we can continue to measure the time for which the photon moves from one point to another and are able to observe it move from one point to another.
so how is it at the event horizon when something is being pulled at the speed of light into a black hole we cannot see it being pulled into the event horizon and passing the event horizon. the explanation that is given is that no amount of time can pass that will be enough for us to observe this. but just like the photon time has stopped for the one being pulled not the observer so shouldn’t we be able to observe the object move into the black hole ?

Asked Muntasir Hossain


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The hook to hang  a ceiling fan is not in the ideal point. I wish to hang the fan appox 3feet away from the hook and below 2feet by mean of a iron rod bent/fabricated/designed accordingly joining/hanging it to/from the available hook as i mentioned. please mention some designs for iron rod that would keep the balance right for the purpose.

Asked Soumya


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A 100 m long thread carries charges uniformly distributed along its length. An electron, 10 cm away from the centre of the thread along a line perpendicular to the thread experiences an attractive force of 2.7 × 10−12N. Calculate the total charge on the thread.



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A coil in the shape of an equilateral triangle of side 0.02m is suspended from a vertex such that it is hanging in a vertical plane between the pole pieces of a permanent magnet producing a horizontal magnetic field of 5*10^-2 T.Find the couple acting on the coil.When a current of 0.1 ampere is passed through it and the magnetic field is parallel to its plane.
Problem-What will be the value of alpha in F=iLBsin(alpha) and how did we get the value of alpha?


Asked Astha

Electric Discharge in a gas lighter

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We know that in gas lighter used to light a stove in the kitchen, spark is produced by piezoelectric effect. The Anode is in the form of a rod and the cathode is a cylinder. My question is, is the spot where the spark hits the cathode random ? (Since cathode is circular,the spark has equal probability of hitting any where on the circle) or is it dependent on any other factor.

Asked Rakesh Khanna A


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I have a spherical of ferroelectric material.So polarized is permanent Which is located in an external electric field and We want to find it depolarization field. How can we calculate potential and depolarization field?

Asked Sha

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