Will the mass of earth reduce due to extraction of fossil fuels?

Is it possible that the earth mass would be reducing due to extraction of fossil fuels? 
If so, would it affect to its movement and position in solar system?


fossilfuelandearthThere won’t be any considerable loss of mass. The amount of mass irrecoverably lost is negligibly small on its conversion to energy .

It’s just like arguing that constructing more and more buildings will increase the mass of earth. !! No such thing happens. There is only a rearrangement of matter and inter conversion of mass and energy.

Newtonian movement

If a physically fit 30 kg boy were at rest and pushes off a wall forcefully in zero-G space with two hands, how many meters will he travel in one second?

Mechanics Problem

Pranav posted the following question.

Two Plates each of mass m are connected by a massless spring as shown in diagram.


Kinematics – Numerical Problem

Tom is initially 6.0km west of a flagpole and is running with a constant velocity of 9.0 km/h due east. jack is initially 5.0 km east of the flagpole and is running with a constant velocity of 8.0 km/h due west. what will be the distance of the two runners from the flagpole when their paths cross


Refraction of Ultrasound – Numerical Problem

Calculate the angle of refraction when ultrasound is incident at 18 degrees on a air to soft tissue boundary . The velocity of ultrasound in air is 0.330 km/s in soft tissue is 1.54 km/s and in bone is 4.08 km/s

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Big Bang and some thoughts on it

John Reynolds posted: –

Setup- lately I’m partial to the idea that our universe originated from a black hole in another universe. I know this idea has been offered before, but I don’t know how reputable or not it is among physicists. It seems to make sense- black holes end and the big bang began, with a singularity, a place where the laws break down and parameters approach or equal infinity. While evidence from other universes or beyond singularities may be unobtainable, even in principal, several popular mathematical models support a multiverse. So the question is- does anyone have a good reason, other than lack of evidence, to doubt the hypothesis that our big bang was another universe’s black hole?

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