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Numerical Problem from Motion of Connected systems

Two blocks A and B of mass m1 and m2 respectively are kept in contact on a frictionless table.The experimenter pushes the block A from behind so that the blocks accelerate. If  the block A exerts a force F on the block B,what is the force exerted by the experimenter on A.


  1. here are the details
    force on B by A is F .
    since it is a connected system acceleration “a” is
    so ,
    a = F/m1 ——equa 1

    we have the general equation F= ma
    so the force excerted by the experimenter
    is F’ = (m1 + m2)*F/m1 –( frm equa 1)
    that is F’= F*( m1 + m2)/m1.

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