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MCQ asked in CBSE Class 10 Board Exam (AISSE 2012)

Image at the focus of a concave mirror

The following questions were asked in MCQ section of CBSE Class 10 Board Exam (AISSE 2012)

Q1) A Student has to determine the focal length of a concave mirror by obtaining  the image of a distant object on a screen . For getting best result he should focus –
a) a distant tree or an electric pole
b) a well-illuminated distant building
c) well-lit grills of nearest window
d) a burning candle placed at the distant edgeof laboratory table

Q2) A student obtained a sharp inverted image of an distant tree on the screen  placd in front of concave mirror . he then removed screen and tried to look into mirror. he would now see-
a) a very blurred image on the wall opposite to the mirror
b) an erect and  magnified image of the tree  in the mirror
c) no image as screen has been removed
d) a highly diminished inverted image ofthe tree at the focus of the tree


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