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matter, anti-matter

I was watching a physics show on television the other night.  It involved the first second after the big bang.  They discussed the process by which energy transmuted into matter and that both matter and anti-matter were created. They seemed to marvel at the idea that the number of particles of matter must have outnumbered the number of anti-matter particles by only one in a billion. And the result of the remaining particles of matter accounted for the entire universe that we see today. And since matter and anti-matter annihilate each other upon contact and become energy, my question is this….is the energy created by their annihilation energy or anti-energy? And if it was energy, then why would it not be possible for it to transmute into matter again?  Thus accounting for the predominance of matter versus anti-matter.  And what the hell is TIME?  Is it some weird form of energy or what? (only kidding about the “time” question)

Posted by  John Hayes

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