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Lightwaves, color, scattering

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If you put a red dot and violet dot on a wall and move far away from them, after certain period/distance  you will only be able to see the red light, then my teacher explained why/how this happens , which i forgot

I know the W. L. of red is more than violet, hence speed is also more and frequency is less, but how is all that relevant to visibility?
Asked Nafiz

The teacher might have tried to explain the dependence of scattering on wavelength.
According to Raliegh’s law of scattering, the amount of scattering is inversely proportional to the fourth power of wavelength. This means that the amount of scattering for violet is about 16 times that of red since the wavelength of violet is appropriately half that of red. So even after the light from violet source has completely scattered, the light from red source will be Reaching our eyes.
So, scattering is the concept involved here.

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