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Kendriya Vidyalayas are reopening … Let’s learn Physics

Most of the Kendriya Vidyalayas across the country are reopening after the summer vacation on 21 June 2018. Now students are returning to studies after 50 days of enjoyment and recharging their intellectual batteries. The rejuvenated spirits will nw help the students to return to studies with greaster exposure they had during the summer vacation, visit to places, new experiences and experimentsd. Each and every experience we come across help us learning something new, no matter whether we were successful in our attempts  or not. The one who fails a number of times and finally succeeds learns more life lessons that the one who sucfceed at the first attempt itself. It is not harmful if you win at first attempt, but if you don’t succeed, do not quit. It’s another opportunity to attempt with greater vigour and to try out new methods to succeed.

AskPhysics has some new programs for this year.

  • Class  XII: Questions asked by students fromstudents related to class XII will be arranged chapterwise for ewasy access.
  • More study materials will be made available to class XII and Class X students for a structured learning and revision
  • More analogies and life experiences will be added in the form  of story like blog entries for making learning of Physics enthusing and entertaining; helping the readers to understand life better through Physics as well as to learn Physics from life incidents.


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