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An interesting numerical problem from kinematics

George’s favorite food was bananas. One day he was walking with his friend, the man in the yellow hat, as he was eating a banana. They were in New York City and they were walking up the Empire State Building. Finally they made it to the top! George spied a nice young woman walking down 5th avenue balancing this hat on her head.  She was very noticeable for she was six feet tall! George, being the troublemaker he was, wanted to see if he could drop his banana peel in her hat. He noticed that she was jogging at a constant pace of 6 miles per hour. George was on the 102nd floor observatory, which is 1,224 feet from the ground.*
Assuming that George lands the banana peel in the hat……..
A)      How long will the banana peel be in the air? (Assuming there is no wind and the banana will drop straight down from the empire state building)
B)      What will the velocity of the banana peel be right before it lands in the woman’s hat?
C)      How far away must the woman’s hat be from the landing point of the banana peel (horizontally) when George makes his scandalous move and drops the peel.
D)      If George decides to throw another peel one second later to land it on the ground and trip the jogger, at what velocity must he throw it at so that it hits the ground at the same the original peel lands in the hat.

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